Is our food being modified

Deployment of Morgellons Filament Structure Not Limited to “Humans” and Logically Includes General Environment Including Exposure to Various Life Forms/Species and Food Supply.

via Blue Filaments Found in US Food Supply Consistent With Morgellons Fibers — Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon


One thought on “Is our food being modified

  1. Yes… our food IS being modified… just as our minds and bodies are… If you doubt this last one I can tell you how to verify it. However I warn you that you WILL test positive, so if you are prone to not handling things that well perhaps you should not do this. Simply get some RED grape juice.. it HAS to be red grape! swig a mouthful and swish it around for a good minute.. now spit it out in a light colored sink basin and look at what is growing inside of you. I have had dozens if not hundreds of people do this and not one was negative. We have to awaken people to what is being done to all of us if we are to have a chance at stopping this madness…

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