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Working-Class Black Community Under Invesitgation due to high medium income and increased High School Graduation Performance.

Studying this community for the purpose of replicating its success is acceptable; condemning a community because it’s a high achieving Black community is unacceptable

Amos Magazine

Successful African American community is under investigation by Republicans.clipular.png

Affirmative-Action Laws are pulling thousands of African-Americans out of poverty and crime and allowing African-Americans to take degrees from HBCUS and turn them into 6 figure jobs in the DMV Area ( D.C., Maryland and Virgina). When a Black child has two parents who work for the US Government it improves his standard of living and changes his overall attitude and he becomes engaged with the academic and scholastic process because he sees an end game to working hard in school.

How can I articulate this so well? Well, both of my parents who are college educated were working class people and my father had a job working for the government of the USA.  As a child, though I grew up in a racist city there was a large government contractor where I lived at and all of my fathers’ friends were well spoken, well educated Black men and women…

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