Leaked ‘dubia’ cardinal letter designed to put pressure on Pope Francis

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But during Francis’ papacy there has been an open challenge to a Pontiff’s authority not seen in centuries, and one that is not going away.

Source: Leaked ‘dubia’ cardinal letter designed to put pressure on Pope Francis

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Equifax CEO Richard Smith is out after stunning data breach – Sep. 26, 2017

Cyber attacks make technology a risky proposition which could prove to be a bane rather than a boon.

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Equifax CEO Richard Smith is suddenly retiring in the wake of the company’s embarrassing data breach.

Source: Equifax CEO Richard Smith is out after stunning data breach – Sep. 26, 2017

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JAY-Z is the enemy Marcus Garvey Warned Africans About in the 1920s

In the interest of full disclosure, several years ago I received a call from a Black male asking me if I had heard of the 2020 Club and would I ever patronize 2020. I told him that I had no immediate plans to attend an event at the Club, but I might pay for tickets if it were something I would normally like to do. After 15 or 20 minutes we said our goodbyes the call ended. I have not been to a function at 2020 yet but.

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JAY-Z's Depraved Mom, Gloria Carter, Comes Out as Lesbian in New Duet on Rapper's Latest Album - YouTube.clipular.pngThe Negro race is developing a class of millionaires or money hoarders, much more dangerous to the race’s life and existence than any similar group of men among any other race. The rich Negro is not philanthropic to his race. He does not proportionately give to or help his racial institutions as white people of wealth do.  (Marcus Garvey)


I have done several articles on this propped up traitor JAY-Z and how Whites are using him to create a new form of slavery that will destroy the Black race. JAY-Z is not the only one, also Robert Johnson the former CO-FOUNDER of BET is also a part of the scheme to keep Black men weak by giving the impression that we are making powerful moves or the lie that we need White people involved to make our businesses and companies profitable.

3 Years ago: I Wrote this Article Which…

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