From Hebrew to Negroe # Searching for the lost tribes of Israel

Nigeria is the home to the Igbo, who are believed to be one of the lost tribes of Isreal.

Que Pasa?

Learning a new language takes time. But according to US diplomatic training guides, there are many languages that Americans should be able to learn in under a year. The map below shows how long it takes to learn almost 70 different languages, estimated by the Foreign Service Institute, which teaches these languages to would-be or…

via The languages that take the most (and least) time to learn, per the US Foreign Service — Quartz

Exiting the Matrix

Originally posted on the4thangelsbowl: Ultraviolet & infra-red light are invisible light. Within them, is where this entity we call God dwells. “We have tried to attach all of the fatherly, and family, and loving stuff that we as humans feel without ever giving a bit of attention to the fact that this is a non human light being.…

via As “God” is able to conceal “himself” in impenetrable light, so shall beings whose gene is composed of the God particle Eumelanin: it’s a black thang, devil: you can’t understand! — the4thangelsbowl

After getting the short-end of the stick

There are very few black and Latinx investors, with only 2 percent of investment team members at VC firms identifying as black and just 1 percent identifying as Latinx, according to the National Venture Capital Association. This is where comes in., a pivot from HBCU to Startup, aims to diversify the white, male-dominated…

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