Black Hebrew Israelites some truths and Falsehoods opinion

Do you believe that there is room for you and your view of the world or should you change?

Black History & Culture

In this post I’m going to look at the Hebrew Israelite movement and some of the teachings and movements and opinions that don’t sit well with me. I could be wrong and the below post is only my opinion.

The 12 tribe chart


The chart above states all West Indians Judah Levi Haitians Gad North America. The slave merchants collected people from the coasts of Africa they did not go around looking for Gad or Levi to put on a specific ship.  Judah so called Negro’s Benjamin West Indians. In the Bible Judah and Benjamin joined together to form the tribe of Judah.


Below Benin Dahomey West Africa


Judah is described as being dispersed to the four corners of the earth.


Some Hebrew Israelites that I have seen on YouTube declare  that the whole white race is Esau and Esau will be taken into captivity when Maschiach/Messiah returns. On the…

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