French speaking Africa says au revoir to President Macron

In his speech to “Africa’s youth” in Ouagadougou, last November, France’s president Emmanuel Macron made a big deal of his plans to promote the French language around the world, with advice from African thinkers and others. Two weeks later, he invited Alain Mabanckou—the celebrated Congolese novelist and essayist—to take part. But Mabanckou—who divides his time…

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As a Black American it’s normal to see the RATS scramble when in trouble

Facebook is making good on its promise that it would add an African-American member to its board of directors. CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that Kenneth Chenault, the retiring head of American Express, will be joining the board, which currently does not include any people of color, and only two women among its eight members. In…

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Presidents come and Presidents go

Donald Trump has long been interested in the black unemployment rate. In August 2011, soon after he became highly active on Twitter, Trump tweeted, “Unemployment is plaguing both Black and Hispanic youths. Very troubling.” In July 2013, he tweeted twice about high black unemployment, including this gibe at then-president Barack Obama: “I wonder why @BarackObama…

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Putting an End to the Rent Economy — Desultory Heroics

By Michael Hudson and Vlado Plaga Source: Unz Review Interview with Vlado Plaga in the German magazine FAIRCONOMY, September 2017. Originally, you didn’t want to become an economist. How did it come that you changed your plans and digged so deep into economics? I found economics aesthetic, as beautiful as astronomy. I came to New […]

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When I was a youngster, agents of the U.S. government hovering over me speaking in tones that they didn’t think I would hear spoke about keepng me away from the “Carry Trade.”

Above is a commentary on the trade they (government agents) successfully kept me out of; I, ruefully, am not a Plutocrat.