A real feminist hero should be?

Good morning, America. All your recent talk of gender equality has only shown just how far from woke you really are. Despite best intentions, the current cultural conversation about feminism continues to perpetuate sexism. From my perspective, I’m already equal and was born that way in 1972. No need to fight about it now. I…

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Chasing the mystery is contagious

I have created a new page featuring the AncestryDNA results for West Africans from the following countries: Liberia, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Togo & Benin. I will create a new section for the remaining part of West Africa (Upper Guinea) shortly. The number of results I have collected so far might be minimal but […]

via “South-Central Hunter-Gatherers” suggestive of remnant West African Pygmy DNA? — Tracing African Roots