The Munich Security Conference, the Good, Bad and the Ugly

I read a blog commentary on MSC recently, written by a European and it was critical about the assessments of the participants of the conference and the conclusions as this commentary.

Astute News

“The secret of politics? Make a good treaty with Russia.” Otto von Bismark, first Chancellor of the German Empire (1871 to 1890)

I had been planning to do a follow up on the Syrian battle of Idlib, but the siren song of the Munich conference called out to me. Big time geopolitics and standup comedians are a show not to be missed, and this one was full of both.

The stars this year were the Three Stooges, Joe Biden, Netanyahu, and Mike Pence, with an honorable mention for John McCain. Joe Biden won the “Losing your mind” award, for the best senior statesman who demonstrates he has just about everything wrong.

“Good ole’ Joe”, as he is affectionately called here, put on quite a Russophobia show with a long list of Red Horde Horrendous tales. Russia is a “nation in decline”, its “network of partnerships is maintained solely through coercion”…

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