Cuba: Building a business without good internet access

Normalization of relations with Cuba dropped off the radar once President Obama left office; here is an update.

Repeating Islands


Will Grant (BBC, Havana) reviews business in Havana, focusing on one example of a thriving shop: the designstore named Clandestina. The moral of the story is, “Yes, you can build a business without good internet access.” Grant writes:

If you had to choose a spot from which to set up an international brand, the chances are you wouldn’t pick Old Havana. The crumbling colonial heart of the Cuban capital is undoubtedly beautiful and its bustling streets might inspire creativity among your team. But it is also loud, hectic and, most importantly, almost completely offline.

Still, a small shop on one of the old city’s narrow streets is trying to do exactly that. Under a sign in the shape of a T-shirt, Clandestina design store began in early 2015 with a simple idea. “Design is not unique in Cuba, but what is maybe unique to us is commercialising…

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