Buhari and Arch Bishop of Canterbury: Brief Strategic Assessment.

Say hello to the Archbishop while in the United Kingdom.


The Arch Bishop of Canterbury is the head of protestanism, the spiritual head of the house of Lords, the head of international capitalism, superior to the PM of United Kingdom in political ranking after the Queen. He is a strategic global leader exerting tremendous political and spiritual influence.

His meeting with Buhari is one in his series of acceptance trips to Europe and America precedent on his re-election in 2019. Buhari got the acceptance in 2015 and the Arch Bishop visited Nigeria as a show of that acceptance.

In the last meeting, buhari was confronted with the issues of poverty and hunger in Nigeria, pastoral – Farmers conflict, killing of Christians without security intervention or punishment of offenders and the promised hope that has failed. Finally, he gave his book on hope and remaking Britain to Buhari for him to study about hope. My assessment is a complete rejection of…

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