Globalization is makng things blurry

04 May 2018 | Toby Murphy | Infosurhoy Beijing’s International Security Defense College, which boasts of becoming “the largest private security training school in China,” sits behind a 45-foot-high exterior wall and a barricade. Inside the compound, trainers with police and military experience teach classes on tackling detainees, handling hostage situations and thwarting terrorist attacks. […]

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You’ve been prepped for this from birth

The results of the 2016 election have never been accepted by a small group of oligarchs, politicos, intelligence honchos and career bureaucrats. The presidential election did not produce the outcome they wanted, so they agreed to use their power to try to change the result (…) This group of fifth columnists settled on a plan […]

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Science Fact or Marketing Ploy | “You heard it here first…if you haven’t already heard it elsewhere”… After Two Decades, Scientists Find GMOs in Corn Are Good for You. Seriously. GMO Corn There is a great deal of misinformation out there regarding genetically modified organisms (GMOs). From monikers like “Frankenfoods” to general skepticism, there has been a variety of […]

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Has the tide shifted to GMOs’

DEVEX By Lisa Cornish // 01 May 2018 Each genetically modified rice plant in the greenhouses at CropDesign has a barcode and transponder, allowing it to be accurately identified at any time. Photo by: BASF / CC BY-NC-ND CANBERRA — In developing nations across the globe, governments are grappling with questions of what role, if any, genetically modified organisms should play in […]

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