A history lesson about some “Hot Spots”

Veteran Russian opposition leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, Vladimir Zhirinovsky has criticised the artificial creations of states as a means of provoking geopolitical conflict. In a statement before the Russian State Duma, Zhirinovsky said the following, “Soon we will celebrate 70 years since the establishment of the […] The post Russian Opposition…

via Russian Opposition Leader Zhirinovsky says “Israel” and Ukraine Were Created to Provoke International Problems — Eurasia Future

Remember when South East Asia was important

Written by Srini Sitaraman. Growing Chinese assertiveness and rapid construction has virtually transformed the South China Sea into ‘a Chinese lake.’ Satellite images reveal that Chinese crews are shoring up reefs, constructing fortified buildings and runways, and placing radars and anti-aircraft defense mechanisms on the occupied islets. By forcibly occupying these island chains and reefs and […]

via Act East: The India-Vietnam Comprehensive Strategic Partnership — China Policy Institute: Analysis

The Big Powers include China

Written by Pradeep Taneja. Since taking power as the General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party and Chairman of its Central Military Commission in late 2012, Xi Jinping has taken bold steps to reform the Chinese military and demonstrated a willingness to project military power. The new five-year military reform plan that began in November […]

via China’s Growing Naval Presence in the Indian Ocean — China Policy Institute: Analysis