Believe only half of what you read

The latest report about Wikipedia’s corruption comes from the great investigative journalist Craig Murray, who had been in the UK’s Foreign Service from 1984-2004 and who was forced out in 2004 because, having been since 2002 UK’s Ambassador to Uzbekistan, he decided to whistleblow instead of to accept the corruption by his own and Uzbekistan’s Governments. Wikipedia’s article about him says that […]

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Pan-Africanism is a lofty goal

There are ideas that will not die regardless of the passage of time; their power and reach is of such magnitude. One of those ideas is Pan-Africanism. The idea, history and cause of Pan-Africanism is marked, celebrated, and reaffirmed each year on African Liberation Day, which in 2018 falls on Friday 25 May. On this day African communities, […]

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The political configuration is changing

A former French Prime Minister unveiled a detailed and very ambitious plan to form a Eurafrican Axis in the New Cold War as a means of “balancing” between East and West, but what he’s really calling for is a policy of ‘controlled’ ‘replacement migration’ coupled with refined neo-imperial political and economic models for making France […]

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Enhancing Africas’ future

44 African nations signed the Continental Free Trade Agreement last week in Rwanda. The treaty must now be ratified at the national level by either 15 or 22 of its members, a number which is still being decided upon, in order to enter into effect, which the African Union expects to be officially promulgated within […]

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Economics with Chinese characters

Africa is definitely rising on all fronts and investors who are looking for new business opportunities are all eyes on the continent. The rewards seem endless especially for savvy investor trying to get in there first. And one does not need a crystal ball to ascertain that Nigeria is one of the fastest growing investment […]

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