The Black Church delegation at the White House

Radio Host Erica Campbell, WLIB 1190AM New York, has Minister Gray on her morning show talking about his experience as part of a delegation of Ministers speaking to President Trump.

There is much for the delegation to account for, but generally Minister Gray is apologetic about how the White House is portraying the meeting and he, personally feels betrayed.

The agenda was organized to discuss a number of issues that are of critical importance to the Black Community and was not properly addressed.

Although, Senator Tim Scott(R) South Carolina, was at the meeting and has subsequently spoke of the meeting on the Public Affairs program ,”Meet the Press,”  Minister Gray is pleading for understanding stating categorically, “I am not a Politician.”


Chattel Slavery created Western Society

Historical documents provide a look at the Christian worlds’ involvement in the Slave Trade.


Shalom, everyone! The Vatican/Catholic Church and Italy were involved in the colonization, enslavement, and trafficking of Africans. Like Germany, Italy was once a collection of city-states and principalities. Italy did not become a fully unified state until 1871, and Rome was made its capital. Therefore, Italy as a state was not involved in the Transatlantic […]

via Timelines: Timeline of the Vatican/Catholic Church and Italian Involvement African Slavery and Colonization, 1441 – 1941 —

End the Left-Right White Solidarity Against Haiti

The Most Revolutionary Act

Guest Post by Ezili Danto

Why is Cuba, Venezuela, the African Union, Latin America and the CARICOM nations turning a blind eye to the US occupation of Haiti, even participating in the pillage and plunder? Is this what Venezuelan president Maduro calls ‘supporting revolution?’… Tourism, an export economy, sweatshops and privatization of pubic assets are not development for Haiti, Africa, or the Caribbean… The Haitian people identify as enemy, to varying levels and degrees, those who directly or indirectly treat them as less than human. Painting Cuba or Venezuela on the wall of Imperialism’s forts so-to-speak, won’t stop Haiti’s masses from attacking the super-leftists, or super-progressives’ racist part in today’s white supremacist occupation in Haiti.


Super-leftist Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro cozy up to despotic Right-wing US puppet- president, Michel Martelly

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro and Right-wing US puppet:Haiti president, Michel Martelly| Photo credit- AP

A few years ago, in “Haiti: Time to remember Kandyo, the Malfini and Mongoose,” I…

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The Economic Recolonization of Africa

The Most Revolutionary Act

Land Rush – Why Poverty?

Directed by Hugo Berkeley andOsvalde Lewat (2012)

Film Review

Land Rush is the story of the recolonization of Africa by foreign interests (US, Britain, China, South Korea, Saudi Arabia) and their collaboration with corrupt governments and tribal authorities to drive subsistence farmers and their families off their land. Their goal: to create massive for-profit industrial farms based on monoculture export crops.

Nearly 60% of remaining arable land is in Africa – the industrialized world has either paved theirs over or decimated their soils through factory farming.

The reason Africa is such an easy target is that only 10% of rural Africans own private title to the land they farm. The rest is traditionally viewed as a communally owned commons.

Lifting Africans Out of Poverty By Seizing Their Land

Land Rush specifically focuses on a US sugar baron seeking to create a giant sugar plantation…

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Battling for Sovereignty: The Mapuche vs Benetton

The Most Revolutionary Act

Defiance of the Mapuche

Al Jazeera (2018)

Film Review

The Mapuche people are indigenous to the Patagonia region that straddles southern Chile and Argentina. They never recognized either Chilean or Argentinian sovereignty. During the 19th century they were driven off their ancestral lands, which at present are owned by foreign billionaires (the most prominent being Alessandro Benetton, owner of the Benetton fashion empire) and a timber company that is destroying the local ecosystem by farming and clear cutting forests that are unsuited to the Patagonian climate.

Two years ago a group of Mapuche families occupied a small section of Benetton’s land and started farming it. This led to increasing paramilitary violence by both governments, involving house- to-house raids, beatings, extrajudicial assassinations and imprisonment based on trumped up terrorism charges.

A series of peaceful protests against government violence only led to increasing government repression. This, in turn, has led to direct…

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