In the eyes of Western Civilization, Nigeria held enormous potential as a country free from Colonial Rule. The thorn in the rose was Biafra. Biafra is still an unresolved problem for Nigeria.

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These among many numerous other things are the reasons why the Britain and some European powers has refused to give us Biafra.

Imagine when these raw talents that invented all these equipments are harnessed and encouraged by the government of Biafra to do more, don’t we think that there’ll be no more excess importation of goods which kills off the economy of any nation towing that path.


magine when Innoson motors is allowed to operate in a friendly environment without the government of Nigeria imposing some hostile policies on his firm, don’t we think that an average Biafran man or woman can own a flashy car which is proudly made in the Republic of Biafra?

How about the reopening of Ibeto cement factory to commence production since there’s raw materials underground in every Biafran territory, don’t we think that the hurdles of unemployment will die a natural death?


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