In Punta Santiago, It’s A Microcosm Of A Battered Puerto Rico

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Repeating Islands


A report from WNPR.

A middle-aged woman sat over a pail of water, a blue umbrella shielding her from the scorching sun. Surrounded by a wreckage of branches and twisted metal sheets, Angelina Arroyo Rivera salvaged what remained of her belongings — some silverware and some plastic containers, a blue tarp, a red purse, a white blouse.

It was two weeks after Hurricane Maria had made landfall, not far from the town of Punta Santiago in the southeast of Puerto Rico, and Arroyo still hadn’t heard from her partner, who was in grave condition with a failing heart. She said he’d been transferred to a hospital in another city, the day before the storm, and with communications down across the island, she hadn’t heard from him in weeks.

A year later at the same spot — with the image of her under the blue umbrella ingrained in our minds — we found…

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The artist’s retreat: how the beauty of Martinique transformed Gauguin

Repeating Islands

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A review by Claire Wrathall for London’s Telegraph

About a mile north of the little town of Le Carbet, on the northwest coast of Martinique in the French Antilles, is a museum dedicated to the great post-Impressionist Paul Gauguin.

Unless you’re especially unlucky with the weather and in need of indoor entertainment, the Centre d’Interpretation du Patrimoine is not in itself especially worth the detour: it’s more about his work, and that of his fellow artist and protégé Charles Laval, than of it (though there are reproductions). But it will probably teach you something about the artists and the months they spent on Martinique in 1887, during which time Gauguin painted 17 works and made many more sketches.

“The experience I had in Martinique was decisive,” he wrote. “Only there did I feel my true self. If you want to know who I am, you should look for me in the…

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