Ilhan Omar Destroyed Taboo on AIPAC, Israel Criticism

Challenging the accepted wisdom can be daunting, but silence in the face of injustice is soul crushing. It seems to me that despite the MSM condemning Ms. Omar’s statement the MSM omits a great deal of history about Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians and the trampling of America’s Constitutional rights of speech. Ms. Omar challenged the administration’s Foreign policy which raised the ire of those who are invested in the current plan.

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Ilhan Omar Destroyed Taboo on AIPAC, Israel Criticism

Rosen, after all, wasn’t the first AIPAC official to boast about the the raw power that “America’s bipartisan pro-Israel lobby” exercises in Washington, D.C. Go back earlier, to 1992, when then-AIPAC President David Steiner was caught on tape bragging that he had “cut a deal” with the George H.W. Bush White House to provide $3 billion in U.S. aid to Israel. Steiner also claimed to be “negotiating” with the incoming Clinton administration over the appointment of pro-Israel cabinet members. AIPAC, he said, has “a dozen people in [the Clinton] campaign, in the headquarters … and they’re all going to get big jobs.”

Go back further, to 1984, when Sen. Charles Percy, a moderate Republican from Illinois, was defeated in his re-election campaign after he “incurred AIPAC’s wrath” by declining to sign onto an AIPAC-sponsored letter and daring to refer to Palestine Liberation Organization leader Yasser…

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