Who’s in charge

America’s Free Speech is under attack from within


Free Speech and Intellectual Freedom are collaborative activities. One can not experience Intellectual Freedom without the ability to express yourself through speaking, writing, and the associated activities that propel thoughts and inspiration to an audience.

Censorship by denying the creator the opportunity to convey his or her’s work to the widest possible audience is strangling the rights of the electorate to participate in self governing.

Corporate control of the Media with its emphasis on profit has reduced the ownership of the Media to all but a few elites.

One can question the motives of those who control the message, but have little recourse to the means of building a mass movement to counter the message that they think is counter productive to their lives.


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This blog is the product of a running conversation, often angry, that I have had over the years with Walter Rodney’s book, How Europe Underdeveloped Africa. The book has become a classic, and is regarded with unquestioning reverence by many black scholars and laypeople. I read the book as an undergraduate, and began, like many […]


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