‘IMPLOSION: India’s Tryst with Reality’ – reviewing the Modi years — Asia Dialogue

Written by John Elliott. Narendra Modi’s National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government has not done what was needed to fulfil his Achhe Din promise that good times are coming. Policies and initiatives have produced far less than was required in the broad running of the economy, the creation of jobs, and reform of the government machine…

‘IMPLOSION: India’s Tryst with Reality’ – reviewing the Modi years — Asia Dialogue

The Federal Reserve Bank calls a halt to further increases in interest rates for 2019

Many are saying that economic conditions domestically and internationally were not severe enough to warrant interest rate increases and they are stalling the recovery not helping to rein in inflation
The Federal Reserve System


British Intelligence Report Request

Reports have surfaced implicating former President Obama and his National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, as the principles responsible for requesting British Intelligence Service “GCHQ” to report on the 2016 Presidential Campaign of Donald Trump.

Is this the “smoking gun” that the Trump campaign is hoping to find that would discredit, irrevocably, the Obama Administration.
Can the Trump Administration prove harm done to his campaign by the Democrats or is this a “Dead Dog?’