The resurrected Medellin Cartel has the US government by the balls

The rise of the narctics trade and the global epidemic of addiction is a direct result of the enormous amount of money to be made in the sale of illicit drugs. The need to unburden yourself from stress, boredom, malaise or to provide enhancement to your everyday experiences by ingesting illicit narcotics is fueling staggering sums of money in the sale of drugs. 

The cost of consuming illicit drugs, cocaine, heroin, pills, marijuana and others  is resulting in untold misery for those who are suceptible to abusing narcotics. Jobs are lost, productivity, as calculated by various entities is reduced, sometimes seriously reduced, families are shattered and society is torned asunder by criminality.

The price of addiction to illicit drugs is a subject that is debated within the community. Depending upon the severity of the damage to the aggrieved the cost is often assumed by a higher authority, one that’s able to bear the cost of providing treatment modalities to individuals, employees, families and the incarcerated.

Inhibiting the flow of narcotics, whether within or across geographic areas hasn’t worked as well as the planners had hoped. The problem has stymied resolution and continues to be a very lucrative enterprise.       

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