WATCH: 10 Reasons Why Africa Will Unite in the Near Future – 2nacheki —

Shalom, everyone! The following is a video presentation by 2nacheki/YouTube showing the top ten reasons why Africa will be a unified political, economic and military entity in the very near future: 10. Growing Pan-African movement and visionaries. 9. Establishment of the African Development Bank (ADB). 8. Return of Africans from the Diaspora. 7. Strengthening of […]

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The White Boys are running the “Empire”

Al Shabaab’s killing of an American soldier in southern Somalia brings AFRICOM back into the limelight and restarts the conversation about why US troops are even still there in the first place. The news came in on Friday that Al Shabaab terrorists had killed an American soldier in southern Somalia and injured four others during […]

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A role for civilian Americans of African descent

Early last month, at a tiny military post near the tumbledown town of Jamaame in Somalia, small arms fire began to ring out as mortar shells crashed down. When the attack was over, one Somali soldier had been wounded — and had that been the extent of the casualties, you undoubtedly would never have heard […]

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Rwanda through an ideological looking glass

Source – – “…The 300-page report is premised on the unsubstantiated claim their was a high level plan by the Hutu government to kill all Tutsi. It ignores the overwhelming evidence (and logic) pointing to Paul Kagame’s RPF as the culprit in shooting down the presidential plane, which sparked the genocidal killings” Statistics, damn […]

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