Government data VS Corporate data

How good is the economic data coming from the government


Using Coal to produce energy

By Andy May – Re-Blogged From U.S. coal production declined from 2011 through 2016 as it was displaced in U.S. power plants by cheaper and cleaner natural gas. Some of the reduction was also due to the Obama Clean Power Plan regulations. However, the shale gas revolution in the U.S. has not spread to […]

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Globalization is makng things blurry

04 May 2018 | Toby Murphy | Infosurhoy Beijing’s International Security Defense College, which boasts of becoming “the largest private security training school in China,” sits behind a 45-foot-high exterior wall and a barricade. Inside the compound, trainers with police and military experience teach classes on tackling detainees, handling hostage situations and thwarting terrorist attacks. […]

via Blackwater Prince cuts lucrative security-training deal with Chinese insiders — Hawkins Bay Dispatch

Is it too late to change

A well-intentioned Chinese Central Television (CCTV) comedy show went horribly wrong last month. CCTV brings out its best programming during the peak Chinese new year’s holidays, but one comedy sketch this year earned wide international media criticism for its portrayal by a Chinese actress in blackface portraying an African mother with stereotypical curves and mindset. […]

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