Hegel: The philosopher father of the ‘zeitgeist’


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Texas becomes latest battle in GOP’s push for stricter voting laws. Here are the others.

https://news.yahoo.com/texas-becomes-latest-battle-in-go-ps-push-for-stricter-voting-laws-here-are-the-others-223651196-090051872.html An effort in Texas to make it more difficult to vote is the latest attempt by Republicans to complicate ballot access as former President Donald Trump continue…

The new class looks similar to the class of the seventeenth century

The medical emergency, (Corona Virus), is creating a situation where the shutdown of the economy is creating a large number of poor families.

Families of various ethncities are now unable to earn money to pay for food, clothing and lodging.

Large corporation will be the recipents of this newly created class; the class would comprise of slaves, peons and Indentured Servants¬† similar to the the people who arrived on these shores from Europe, Africa and other locations. Continue reading “The new class looks similar to the class of the seventeenth century”