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A worldview of Polytheism

Despite the message you receive in your neighborhood the world is a cauldron of deities worshiped by a multitude of people.

The above pictorial and commentary is emblematic of the diversity of pathways to enlightenment, inspiration and quest for fulfillment.

Egypt yesterday, today and tomorrow

Egypt is a subject that tends to fascinate people. Egypt fascinates Archaeologist, History buffs, Story Tellers and, of course, those who research the arcane. Egypt has plenty to offer and has offered the world throughout its storied existence.

The above article via the Guardian relates a tale told first by Herodotus about a shipwreck and retold today by the Guardian newspaper.

Slave to the system

Evolving from the status of chattel Slave to Citizen with all the rights and privileges of White people is an ongoing process fraught with a one step forward two steps back viewpoint.

The current state of race relations is seen through the prism of the electorial system with the Liberal vs Conservative political perspective.



Lincoln and Davis


Freedom is a state of mind

The illusive or elusive Elohim

Israel hiding 300,000 documents about massacres carried out against Palestinians More than 100 files from the 1800s are still classified in Israel’s archives Israel recently published its catalogue of some 300,000 classified files, including thousands of documents from before the state was even founded. The very existence of the files had been kept a secret […]

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