When it rains it pours

This Education International video says about itself: A message to Pearson 30 April 2018 Pearson has invested in fee-charging, for-profit schools in Africa operated by Bridge International Academies. The operations of Bridge are controversial, to say the least. Many Bridge schools use unqualified staff, unofficial curriculum in substandard facilities. Its fees can push families into […]

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Religious Scholarship is applauded

BY MICHAEL HOFFMAN – Addressing the Christians of the West [Farrakhan] stated, “You wouldn’t even have the courage — the testicular fortitude — to ask them (the rabbis) why did they want to boil the man you call your Savior, in excrement.” Farrakhan is confronting today’s so-called Christians with the appalling fact that they hold in […]

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After getting the short-end of the stick

There are very few black and Latinx investors, with only 2 percent of investment team members at VC firms identifying as black and just 1 percent identifying as Latinx, according to the National Venture Capital Association. This is where HBCU.vc comes in. HBCU.vc, a pivot from HBCU to Startup, aims to diversify the white, male-dominated…

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More women in medical research improves findings

If we want to really understand human health, we need to get more women on medical research team. Researchers analyzed over 1.5 million papers and found that when a study has least one woman author, it’s more likely to include an analysis on gender and sex differences among research participants. The findings were published (paywall)…

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