The Mueller Report spells it out in toto



Lead is leeching into the water system everywhere in America


America’s infrastructure is crumbling and is in need of an overhaul.

Successive Administrations have submitted budgets to Congress with the associated tasks and budget that needed immediate attention, but do to political maneuvering was successful in Congress agreeing to only partial funding.

The system of water filtration and transportation that set America apart from other countries is its construction and maintenance of the system.

The sysyem is  now better known for being corroded and filled with Lead leaching from its pipes.   Continue reading “Lead is leeching into the water system everywhere in America”

Slave to the system

Evolving from the status of chattel Slave to Citizen with all the rights and privileges of White people is an ongoing process fraught with a one step forward two steps back viewpoint.

The current state of race relations is seen through the prism of the electorial system with the Liberal vs Conservative political perspective.



Lincoln and Davis


Freedom is a state of mind