Profiteering in the “Helping” professions

Theoretically, in situations like a Pandemic, the central authority [government] would utlilze its command position to rally the industries or sectors of society to provide its expertise to alleviate suffering without expectation of receiving monetary compensation. Continue reading “Profiteering in the “Helping” professions”

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Quackery or Medical miracle

The health concerns of the world are front and center as everyone is reaching for relief from a disease that’s proving itself to be beyond anything that humanity has encountered.

The deaths are being recorded as COVID19 although doctors are discovering underlying health issues that might be the cause of death. The political environment dictates deviation from the usual protocol which is an autopsy performed by a Medical examiner to determine the cause of death.

Lutein for Eye health

Someone I know uses a Lutein supplement for eye health with the intent to prevent total blindness in one eye.

Exclusive scans done with Facial Recognition software keep those with a vested interest abreast of the progress or lack thereof of the progression of the collapse of the health of the left eye.

The affected person with the “troubled” eye practices good vision care and is trying to stave off the impending blindness.