World War 2; was it about Empire?

was World war two really about moral issues or were their other motives for the conflict?

Listening to Black-oriented talk radio this Sunday morning, some of the callers voiced their dismay at the fact that President Trump made no mention of the sacrifices made by Black Soldiers.

Blacks served during the war because Black leaders appealed to the White Political Establishment to allow the Black Community to fight the enemies of America in exchange for greater “Civil Rights.”

The question then, as it is now is; was all of the underlying causes fully understood by the Black Community at the time?

Was the trade-off worth the sacrifice?


Slave to the system

Evolving from the status of chattel Slave to Citizen with all the rights and privileges of White people is an ongoing process fraught with a one step forward two steps back viewpoint.

The current state of race relations is seen through the prism of the electorial system with the Liberal vs Conservative political perspective.



Lincoln and Davis


Freedom is a state of mind