‘Alarming finding’: 30 percent of Republicans say violence may be needed to save U.S., poll shows

https://news.yahoo.com/prri-poll-republicans-violence-040144322.html Almost one-third of Republicans say they think violence may be necessary to solve the problems facing the United States, according to a new national survey by …

2020 census: These 7 states show how Republicans could redistrict their way to victory in 2022

https://news.yahoo.com/2020-census-these-7-states-show-how-republicans-could-redistrict-their-way-to-victory-in-2022-090007289.html To sort through all the political implications of the new census data, Yahoo News spoke to Kyle Kondik, managing editor of Sabato’s Crystal Ball.

Local Population Changes and Nation’s Racial and Ethnic Diversity


The distribution of political power is showing an upward tick in the urban areas

The urban allocation between Democrat and Republican would depend o n the ethnicity and political predisposition of the newly arrived urban dwellers.

The prevailing sentiment would distribute the split between Republican and Democrat as white would be presumed to be Republican and the non-white as Democrat

If the presumption holds, then the Democrats would gain power by virtue of the new arrivals joining the already settled urban residents.

The present composition of the federal elected officials would show an almost equal division.

The state legislatures would be Republican were the state’s with a higher percentage of registered Republicans would dominate The reverse is true where the Democrats hold the balance of power

The 2020 Census with its numbers showing a rise in city influx will give those working to ensure their party is predominate with a tough job trying to draw boundaries lines

Redistricting is drawing boundaries


State legislatures use the Census Bureau data gathered every 10 years to draw boundaries that favor their political party

Legislatures consolidate power by drawing lines that promote political insiders

Political insiders draw upon faithful allegiance to doctrine an fill vacancies in the bureaucracies and the Courts.

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