Corruption is outwitting government


Despite years of warnings from the Federal Trade Commission, and other Federal, State, Local, and private “Watchdog Groups,” people continue to be victimized by unscrupulous people.

Many legislative bodies have passed untold numbers of laws giving “teeth” to efforts to protect the public to no avail.

Amerca is experiencing an organized effort by members of groups dedicated to ridding itself of Capitalism to protect the innocent from the corrupting influence of outlaws.

Rumors, Rumors, dealing with Rumors

Rumors are hard to deal with because rivals or enemies seize upon information by people with an agenda.
For instance, I have to deal with rumors on a constant basis.
The written word is how I’m choosing to deal with a constant barrage of speculation about all manner of my being.
The latest is health issues.
it seems as if self-appointed guardians communicate with each other by coughing.
Hacking over the bathroom toilet means that I am maintaining my weight by vomiting my food into the toilet.
The continual coughing means they think I should be doing something with my time that means nothing to me.
I have been receiving telephone calls from my Health Insurance Company every few weeks questioning my health.
I felt compelled to contact my Family Care Doctor to schedule an appointment and was told that my annual physical is in August.