The Rothschilds don’t run the world, these guys run the world

Paul Hellyer has been serving in the Canadian government since 1949 and at 94, he is the longest-serving current member of the Privy Council of Canada, […] Source: Who Controls the World and How they Do It – Forbidden Knowledge TV

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The Israeli disapora fled the Northern Kingdom

Shalom everyone! The ancient Israelite culture is alive and well in West Africa! This is where the tribes of the Northern Kingdom of Israel fled to, via Egypt, after the sacking of the Northern Kingdom by the Assyrians. Though the Assyrians took some Israelite captives back to Assyria, the majority of the Northern Kingdom fled south […]

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Are males the template for executive positions

Haspel was investigated for her role in heading a prison where waterboarding took place, and obeyed an order to destroy video evidence of the interrogation. The Justice Department ultimately filed no charges in the case. Source: Five Fast Facts About Trump’s New CIA Director | Zero Hedge

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Women of Africa are organizing

Akina Mama wa Afrika (AMwA) is a feminist pan-African leadership development organization with headquarters in Kampala Uganda. Our mission is to strengthen the individual and collective leadership of African women, forming strategic partnerships, to tackle patriarchy and attain gender equality and women’s empowerment for a just and secure Africa. Our work focuses on 4 thematic […]

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Some in Israel don’t have that loving feeling

TIMES OF INDIA – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday that an electronic fence along the Israel-Egypt border has saved the Jewish state from jihadist attacks or what he believes would be worse – a tide of African migrants. “Were it not for the fence, we would be faced with… severe attacks by Sinai terrorists, and something […]

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Theological question of the day

Is Patagonia to Become the New ‘Promised Land’? By Richard Edmondson Bible scholars have pointed out that the Gospels of Matthew and Luke appear to have been written with two different audiences in mind. The Gospel of Matthew seems to have been directed at a Jewish audience, while the Gospel of Luke would appear to […]

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