4 Dollar Store Items Americans Are Purchasing the Most Right Now

https://finance.yahoo.com/news/4-dollar-store-items-americans-190013337.html Dollar stores are a mainstay in American life, with a 2020 survey indicating that around 60% of Americans had shopped at a Dollar Tree in the previous 12 month…

New York Post: West has let Russian oligarchs hide their wealth here for far too long

I thought you’d be interested in this story West has let Russian oligarchs hide their wealth here for far too long https://nypost.com/2022/02/22/west-has-let-russian-oligarchs-hide-their-wealth-here-for-far-too-long?utm_source=wordpress&utm_campaign=android_nyp Sent from the New York Post app. For more from the Post, visit http://nypost.com. To download our apps, visit http://nypost.com/mobile-apps

A smart money move


The pay gap exist


Black women receive less than white men or women for the same quantity of work

Had the racial equality movement not demanded diversity, white women would not have achieved the status they currently enjoy

Since the call for inclusion emanates from the Civil Rights component of the Black Community it garners the greatest amount of attention

The attention for inclusion comes from the two primary sources, the push for entrepreneurship doesn’t receive the coverage that it deserves

Perhaps the political posture contributes to the imbalance of attention; more attention to the lessor recognized sector calling for economic development needs an infusion of conservative politics.