Black Farmers

The remaining farmers or sharecroppers are in their senior years, will their collective knowledge and experience be lost?

 Descendants of families who left the segregated South for employment in northern factories in the 1950’S and ’60s now find themselves unemployed because the factory work was moved into suburban communities or in low wage countries.
The question is, will Blacks, confined to segregated crime-ridden neighborhoods with little prospects of shedding the undereducated, unemployable community find ways of transforming their image?


Research Journals failed to reach a consensus on sharing data

We look for a fruitful collaboration

For over three years, IAS officer Sumita Dawra was posted at the Indian mission in Beijing. During this period Dawra got to observe several aspects of the Chinese economy and society. The following is an excerpt from a book she wrote based on those observations. Being curious about the agricultural system in China, I got my […]

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The little known history of the United States of America

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