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The case for financial inclusion in black communities

As of 2016, the average black American family had a total wealth of $17,600—less than one-tenth the wealth of the average white American family, which stands at $171,000 (Exhibit 1).1 This gap leaves many black families at a significant economic disadvantage, with less financial security and less ability to fully participate in the economy. Less wealth also means black Americans are underrepresented in the market for financial products and services.


The Inca Empire: What Made it so Powerful? | Ancient Origins

The Inca (also spelled as Inka) Empire was a South American empire that existed between the 15th and 16th centuries. The Inca Empire was the largest pre-Hispanic civilization in South America and ruled the area along the continent’s Pacific coast. At its height of power, the Inca Empire stretched from northern Ecuador all the way south to central Chile and ruled over a population of 12 million, from over 100 different ethnic groups. Continue reading “The Inca Empire: What Made it so Powerful? | Ancient Origins”